Don't forget to smile
Don't forget to smile
Jill. 18. Filipino. College. Frisbee and Softball are my sports. I love the sky, stars, the moon and the clouds. I've always wanted to visit Japan and London. ❤

Appreciate the little things in life. #DL ❤ :)
There are some nights when I can’t help but wonder if I could have done anything to make you stay. If I was prettier would I have kept your attention? Midnight thoughts (sometimes I can’t sleep)

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  • I hate it when someone stopped talking to you. After talking to them for a week, months, years, after knowing them for so long. And after getting attached with them, then it will suddenly stop. They'll stop talking to you without any warn. You'll feel empty like something is missing. And you keep on wondering why. Why it ended.
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