Don't forget to smile
Don't forget to smile
Jill. 18. Filipino. College. Frisbee and Softball are my sports. I love the sky, stars, the moon and the clouds. I've always wanted to visit Japan and London. ❤

Appreciate the little things in life. #DL ❤ :)
and it’s hard to watch things change when all you want is for them to stay the same. it’s funny but stupid how you want everything and nothing at the same time. it’s crazy when you want to let go,but you keep holding, and when you want to move on, you’re stuck right where you started. when feelings come and go you can’t decide what you want.when you have so many things to say but you don’t know where to start. when you want them in your life so bad but all you can do is push them farther and farther away. it’s so hard to think back to how things used to be and look at it now and realize that things are different and may never be the same. you tell yourself it’s not worth it, but if it really didn’t matter,you wouldn’t spend so much time thinking about it

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Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold. Zelda Fitzgerald (via feellng)

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