Don't forget to smile
Don't forget to smile
Jill. 18. Filipino. College. Frisbee and Softball are my sports. I love the sky, stars, the moon and the clouds. I've always wanted to visit Japan and London. ❤

Appreciate the little things in life. #DL ❤ :)
Sad truth

You know what’s more painful than being dumped by your boyfriend or being rejected by your ultimate crush? It’s when your so called “friends” leave you. It’s when they meet new friends and just forget about you. It’s as if you never existed in their lives.

It sucks. But there’s nothing you can do. It’s their decision. It’s their choice. And the worst thing is, you can’t complain. They’ll never understand. They’ll always say that you’re being too clingy and overreacting. 

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Where are all my so called ‘friends’ ?

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